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Our company possesses the world-leading testing and analysis platform, equipped with advanced GC-MS(Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer), LC(Liquid Chromatogram), ICP Spectrometer, Infrared Spectrometric Analyzer, DSC(Differential Scanning Calorimeter), DMA(Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer), Microcomputer-controlled Electronic Universal Test Machine, Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Machine, Ultralow Temperature Cold-resistant Tester, Fire Retardant Lab, etc. These first-class testing apparatus guarantee the effective test and analysis on the physical and chemical property of polyurethane resin and the synthetic leather. In the meantime, parameters concerning environmental-friendliness performance such as methanol, heavy metal, Chromium VI, phthalates can be well tested. All these have made us one of the best-equipped and most advanced quality control and test centers in synthetic leather industry.

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